Absolut Mule Absolut Citron, fresh squeezed limes topped with Gosling Ginger Beer served in a copper mug. $8

Black Barrel Ginger Ale Jameson Black barrel Irish Whiskey and Ginger Ale served with a lemon and a lime. $8

SoHa Margarita Altos top shelf tequila, grand mariner, sour mix and fresh sqeueezed limes. Choose from regular, raspberry or Italian. $8

Absolutely Loaded Bloody Mary Absolut Citron, a strip of bacon, stuffed blue cheese olives, lemons, limes, hot sauce, with slices of pickles and jalapenos. $8

Chocolate Martini Godiva Dark Chocolate liquor, vodka, cream and a chocolate kiss. $8

Old Fashioned The Soha Old Fashioned will now be available through April. This bad boy is made using Big Jake Breakfast Brew Whiskey which is a robust craft whiskey made with Colombian green coffee beans. $8